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Foundry is a visual low-code block-based website builder.

Combining flexibility of the WordPress Gutenberg site editor with our own suite of 40+ blocks and a powerful site styles manager you can create any website big or small with no limitations and almost no coding.

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The power of the Editor unleashed

Foundry expands on the existing Gutenberg editor by adding our own block library that is compatible for any Gutenberg plugin or default block.

Full site style engine and brand control

No more tedious style coding, manage colour palette, typography and link styles in one place.

30+ Gutenberg block library and counting

We’ve broken our blocks down to component pieces giving you unbridled layout freedom.

Compatible with any Gutenberg plugin

We built it in Gutenberg for Gutenberg. Tap into the full power of WordPress and don’t box yourself in.

What is Foundry?

Build any website in record time

Foundry removes the need for theme-based templating and styling. Do it all in the Editor with block settings, style controls, and your own creativity.

Use the default WordPress editor

Integrated fully with Gutenberg Full Site Editor.

Works with any Gutenberg block

If your favourite plugin has a Gutenberg block, it will work.

WordPress as intended

The full ecosystem, not just what works with your theme.

Theme and Plugin rolled into one

Foundry has a theme in name only, do it all in the Editor.

Fast page loads and performance

Everything is in the plugin for a light weight frontend.

Accessibility matters

Built for all humans without question or limitation.

Easy to manage global styles

Set colours, typography and link styles globally.

Bootstrap flexibility

Container > Row > Column for any layout you can imagine.

Works seamlessly with your favourite plugins and platforms

How is Foundry & Gutenberg different from Elementor?

Here’s a side by side comparison of the key differences:


Foundry was made for Gutenberg as an extension of its default functionality so it works seamlessly with the default Gutenberg editor experience.

Since Foundry is effectively an extension of Gutenberg, it’s compatible basically with every plugin available for WordPress.

Foundry and Gutenberg are primarily a block editor where you utilize an array of blocks to create flexible layouts and input your content.

Foundry and Gutenberg is a visual editing experience allowing you to see how your site will look within the editor.

Foundry moves most of the traditional theme development needs directly into the plugin settings and the blocks. As a result page speeds are lightening fast.

Foundry takes advantage of Full Site Editor features in Gutenberg to allow Desktop, Tablet and Phone specific settings so you can adjust layouts by device in the editor.

Elementor is its own user interface that overlaid over the default editor experience. It literally replaces and takes over WordPress with its own functionality and features.

Elementor is less compatible with other themes and plugins, simply because it is its own ecosystem, requiring you to use supported themes and plugins or build your own.

Elementor is a self contained page builder where you leverage its existing blocks and inherent configurations to create your layouts within its available features.

Elementor is also a visual editing experience and will show you exactly what your site will look like in the application.

Elementor with it’s myriad of customization features and theme heavy dependencies outputs all this data into the front end resulting in poor performance and SEO concerns.

Elementor provides provides content layout and element styling settings for a variety of devices within it’s plugin settings and block options.

Coming soon!

We’re hard at work improving existing features, adding news ones, and planning even more. Here’s some big ones coming up.

Component Blocks

Spring 2023

Standard reuseable blocks are fantastic but have the annoying limitation of saving the content too. Our component blocks offers all the same features but with the ability to enter unique content wherever you use them.

Figma to Foundry Imports

Summer 2023

Import Figma document styles and symbols directly in Foundry settings and Component Blocks. Save time by not recreating and rebuilding all the work you’ve already done in Figma. Simply push into Foundry and get building.

Stop wasting time rebuilding the wheel every project

Setup a demo with our product experts to see how you can use Foundry’s unique approach to in-editor building and styling to simplify your development process.

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